Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not a DMN staff writer, but still a writer

Granted, this first post will probably put you to sleep (even as it does me). But I have the slightest of reasons for writing it; namely, that you'll click on the link and -- well, I'll get to that in a sec.

Anyway (one of the greatest transition words ever, but I digress), I loved my job at The Dallas Morning News. I covered fitness, which included writing a weekly newsletter and a biweekly (as in every other week, not -- horrors! -- twice a week) column ... well, at least when I had something to say.

I, alas, was one of 200 DMNers laid off on Tuesday, April 7. My last as-a-staffer story ran a week later. Click here to read it, thus generating more hits on its page! I'm tickled that it was the No. 2 emailed story that day; I just like the idea of going out with a bang. Or at least a cap-gun shot.


Joyce Saenz Harris said...

Leslie, I just discovered this (thanks to your mentioning it on Facebook) and am putting your blog on my blogroll! xo Joyce

Anonymous said...

Leslie, I am SO sorry to hear that you are not with the DMN anymore, but so thankful to hear of your blog and will enjoy keeping up with you through it (and hopefully, occasional sightings in the paper). I still remember an awesome column of yours - about Water. Would love to see you post that here! :)

Judy Miller