Sunday, December 20, 2009

Loving Molly. Always.

I admit I have not been a good friend to Molly. I used to walk by her yard almost every day, bringing her three Milk Bones. I'd talk to her, telling her what a good girl she was. She'd wag her tail, trotting to one spot to take the first, another for the second, the last for the third.

I'd say, "OK, Molly, have a good day. Love you," and walk home.

But the last few times I'd seen her, she hardly moved. I'd still talk to her, still drop bones in her yard.  She looked thin, and it broke my heart to see her and feel so helpless. One day I put a bowlful of dog food mixed with an egg in her yard. But mostly, I am beyond ashamed to say, I'd avoid her yard. But today on the way to church, we were running late and so drove right by her house.

In the chain link fence, I saw three white flowers. And I knew. I started to cry. My son put his hand on my shoulder. He squeezed it; he rubbed it; he kept it there till we were almost to church.

"It's OK Mom," he kept saying. "It's OK."

She was a beautiful dog, a white German shepherd. She was friendly and sweet, wagging her tail for kids going to the elementary school a hundred yards away, brightening more lives than she ever knew.

I am trying to console myself thinking she is in a much better place, a place where someone pets her and loves her even when school isn't in session. A place where someone takes her on walks, and lets her run off the leash, knowing she'll always come back to them.

Click here to read what I wrote about her six years ago. Godspeed, Molly. Love you.


Natalie Caudill said...

I, too, knew Molly. She was hard to miss due to her beauty and enthusiasm when I walked my four dogs past her home near the elementary school.

We felt a special kinship with her as my parents bred white German Shepherds when I was a kid. She will be missed by the scores of people whose walk was brightened by her greeting.

Jennifer Milner said...


this isn't about this blog - sorry. I'm insanely bad with computers (despite being a blogger myself) and can't figure out how to email you otherwise through this! Just wanted to tell you I read your piece in the DMN this morning - your top 10 list - and thought there was some beautiful writing, especially in that introduction. DMN writers don't often make me stop and seek out the byline (sorry!) but this one did, and I'm sure I'll be reading much more of your blog now as well. Lovely writing.
Jennifer Milner

George Handy said...

Leslie, I knew that was your article in the DMN after reading about 10 words of it. Many thanks to you for all of your writing. So sorry to hear about Molly-the blog post a few months ago went straight to my heart. Wishing you and yours the best for the rest of the Holiday season and the new year.

George Handy