Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Adam Kaplan meets the New York City Marathon

I met Adam Kaplan at Enterprise, when we were both renting cars while our respective vehicles were being repaired. He mentioned running...and participating in the New York City Marathon...and how he'd lost 70 pounds...and I was intrigued.

So I tracked him down a few days later, met him and his wife at Starbucks, and wrote about him. Here you go: Click here to read more about this fascinating man with a dream & determination.


Malecia said...

LOVE that story. I hope he remembers to set his clock back an hour on Saturday night so he won't be late. :o)

KickinMom said...

Leslie, I was missing you on DMN. Glad I found your blog. I'm the "fall nicely" Leslie who commented on your cycling story.

Love the story!

Lynann Moses said...

Another inspiring story, Leslie! So glad to see the article in the DMN. Thanks for sharing Adams's success and new passion for running!

(creativeoasiscoach) said...

So glad to see you back at DMN - I started reading the story, loved it and then saw your shining smile! Of course!

leslie said...

I just saw these comments. Thanks so much, you guys!!! Can't tell you how much your kind words mean :-)

and yeah, Adam's pretty amazing eh? Step by step by step (or pedal by nice pedal to you, other Leslie!)