Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Good times never seemed so good

My son has discovered Neil Diamond. More specifically, my fave song of Mr. D's: Sweet Caroline.

Charlie wasn't perusing a "very-very-old-songs-my-sappy-mother-loves" website. Nor was he listening to a radio station of my choosing.

Instead, he was introduced to the song by none other than his band director. Why? To play at football games, of course. Is that not the first song that comes to mind of that Friday night genre? Yes, and that other crowd pleaser, Steely Dan's Peg (which the band is also playing).

Just makes you want to hum along while listening to "two bits four bits" in the background.

So now Charlie is in the kitchen, doing his homework and revving up for Friday's game...not by choice, mind you. He just can't seem to get Sweet Caroline out of his head. He's humming away, and periodically breaking into song. Well, the words he knows at least.

Admittedly, I fill in the blanks, and we join ranks for "bah bah bah".

Yes indeed, good times never seemed so good.

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